Lord-Alge Accepting Song Submissions to Mix

Audio Legends is currently taking user submissions for the Chris Lord-Alge Audio Legends Mix Course 2, giving artists the opportunity to have their songs mixed by Lord-Alge.

Must be in the Rock or Hard Rock genre (for example – Green Day, Seether, Nickelback)
• Must have live recorded drums. They don't have to be recorded in a big studio. Drums recorded in a living room or bedroom are acceptable, but they must be live drums and not programmed.
Artists must have the rights to the session and song.

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Artists can submit songs by sending a link (SoundCloud, YouTube, etc.) of the rough mix to [email protected].
*Any submissions with file attachments will not be looked at.

A song will be handpicked by Lord-Alge to be used in the course.

Deadline to submit is April 1.

For more information, visit audiolegends.com.