Close Up: Prism Media Products

Supplying High Quality Audio Products For Nearly Three Decades: When Ian Dennis and Graham Boswell, who met while working at Neve, launched Prism Media Products in the U.K. in 1987, their goal was to make the best possible audio products regardless of price. Originally set up as an R&D consultancy developing designs for pro and consumer audio companies, Prism Sound has been supplying high quality analog and digital studio products for nearly 30 years. They now manufacture their own high-end recording products, in addition to audio test and measurement equipment. One of the keys to their success is their lack of mass produced electronics and their zero compromise attitude to getting the best audio quality. They provide specialized performance items built for discerning audio professionals seeking sophisticated and innovative technologies.

Expansion to the U.S.: Rapid growth in U.S. sales of Prism Sound Products resulted in the founding, in 1995, of Prism Media Products Inc., the U.S. and North American distribution arm of Prism Media Products, Ltd. In 2008, Prism Sound added the SADiE range of digital audio work- stations to its product portfolio and continued to improve and develop the range. SADiE 6 recording and editing software is a world-renowned suite of tools for high-quality audio recording, editing, post-production and mastering. Prism Media Products Inc. also distributes products from MASELEC, which manufactures some of the world’s finest precision analog processing tools, which are found in many mastering houses and recording studios.

Atlas, Lyra and CALLIA: Among products available from Prism Sound are the Atlas and Titan USB Recording Interfaces. These feature MDIO expansion options, which currently is direct connection to Pro Tools HDX; the Lyra USB Audio Interface Family; and, for serious audiophiles, CALLIA, a new PCM and DSD capable digital-to-analog converter and pre-amp, all designed and manufactured in the U.K. The multi-track au- dio interfaces, Atlas and Titan, provide Prism Sound’s renowned perfor- mance, sound quality and state of the art clock technology compatible with later Windows and MAC platforms. The Lyra family (Lyra 1 and Lyra 2) offer this level of performance at its most affordable but in a smaller package for those needing less than eight channels of analog I/O.

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