Album Review: Papadosio - "Extras In A Movie" (9/10)

9858431_300x300From the lush Four Freshmen harmonies 
of “The Last Leaf,” Papadosio reveals a
multi-hued tapestry of sonic invention. Often 
lumped into the jam band category, here
the quintet draws from prog-rock forefathers
 with vocals, guitars and a pronounced 
backbeat prominent in the orchestral mix.
“The Wrong Nostalgia,” and its swipe at the
 market-share programming of modern radio, contrasts with the hallucinatory expression of “Ritual.” The closer, “Moon Entendre,” offers reassurance with the line, “There’s magic in every ride.” Indeed: Papadosio’s cinematic palette and compositional alchemy defines a band both earthy and cerebral. – Dan Kimpel