Mix LA Studio Uses Reflector Audio USA Monitors for Demonstration

Reflector Audio USA has placed for demonstration their Q1818 reference main monitor system in legendary engineer Chris Lord-Alge’s MIX LA studio in LA. Due to venue specifics the Q1818 system currently resides in the live room where its unique sound radiation pattern allows it to deliver the same precision sound as in the control room.

Drawing from the roots of studio monitoring, the heart of the three-way Q1818 is a baffleless coaxial driver array made from four 18” drivers with a compression driver taking care of the critical midrange and treble frequencies. The patented construction benefits from a sophisticated onboard DSP which makes sure the speaker is impulse-correct thus maintaining the acoustic waveform authentic to the electric input. Combined with the figure-of-8 polar pattern inherent to the open-baffle speaker, used as the low-end component of the system,  the Q1818 offers unparalleled insight into the material, assuring that all engineering decisions can be made with confidence that the resulting material will make the right impact on every listener globally.

"We first met Chris, of whose work we have been huge fans of, at this year's winter NAMM Show. Though the show reactions from people at our booth were overwhelmingly positive, I was a bit anxious about what he’d think of our speakers", revealed Martins Saulespurens, the CEO of Reflector Audio USA. “Now that the Q1818 system is in CLA’s studio, I can be more than certain that we’re on the right track,” he concluded.

The Q1818 system is available for purchase for USD 90 000 which includes 10.5 KW of Amps, DSP and also two days with the engineering team at the client’s location for custom room tuning. Thus peak performance is assured for every Q1818 installation. The monitoring system’s onboard DSP can be then accessed via an Android app. iOS app version being completed very soon.