Madness' Mike Barson Can't Do Without His AKG Headphones

Mike Barson, keyboardist and original member of British ska kings Madness, told us about his love for his AKG headphones.

Mike Barson: For me, it has to be my AKG headphones. I use a nice pair of headphones to listen to music. I mean, I use a computer a lot, and my piano. But these days, you get these neighbors.

I was living in Amsterdam a few years ago, and we'd been doing computer stuff for a long time. I thought, "Wow, I'm gonna write some songs on the piano like in the old days. All my songs are going to be proper songs, old fashioned on the piano when you rolled up your sleeves, lifted the lid and start working away on the piano."

And the first thing is, is obey the old lady downstairs. So you have to have a pair of headphones these days. Unfortunately, that's where they come in.

Madness' album Theatre of the Absurd Presents C'est La Vie is out now.

(Photo by Perou)