The AKG K371 are over-the-ear, closed-back studio headphones that are foldable but do not look like typical studio headphones with their stylish, oval-shape ear cup drivers. They certainly have studio headphone specification with 5-Hz to 40-kHz frequency range and they come with three sets of cables including both coiled and straight 3-meter versions, plus a short 1.2-meter cable for plugging into your portable device.

The drivers are large, 50-mm diameter titanium-coated units that use oxygen-free pure copper voice coils making these phones able to produce up to 114 dB SPL/V at a rated impedance of 32-ohms. They fold up with the drivers rotating upwards under the headband using a graduated ratchet mechanism so they stay folded up until unfolded.

I immediately tried a gunmetal black set sent to me using an Aphex Systems Model 454 HeadPod 4-channel headphone amp. I found the K371 to sound better to me than a set of $300 pair of studio headphones. They were clear in the important mid-range frequencies and the deep bass was more solid sounding. I like the way they fit on my head and ears plus they are smaller and lighter weight than most studio headphones.

In fact, they have taken the place of my studio phones at the listening position in my studio—I use them as a second check of my mixes and/or while recording in the same room. The AKG K371 headphones are comfortable to wear and come with a carrying pouch. They are an excellent value at $149 MSRP.