AKG K275 Studio Headphones

The new AKG K275 Studio Headphones offer accurate sound and isolation for studio work. They are the top-of-the-line in their foldable studio headphone line that also includes the K175, K245, and K371 models. It turns out that I’ve been looking for a set of proper quality closed-back, circumaural headphones that will also fold up for my backpack and travel—I think I’ve found them!

The K275 headphones start with large, 50-mm transducers that provide a 16-Hz to 28kHz frequency range and up to 109dBSPL/V. That means loud, clear and big bass-capable if your music requires it. The K275 come with a 5-meter curly cord with a locking mini-XLR connector on the end that does not come unplugged easily—a good thing! They weigh 295 grams (so light on my head) and sealed well over my ears for good studio isolation. I checked them at the loud volume levels sometimes required by drummers to play along with a click track. They fit well, so no worries here!

I found them to sound great overall with good bass and the ability to hear deep into the music. They also compared favorably to other headphones in my collection that are twice as expensive!

The AKG K272 Studio Headphones sell for $169 MSRP. You can buy direct from AKG at their website!