AMS-NEVE RMX16 500 Series Digital Reverb Module

State of the art in 1982, the original 2U RMX 16 was the first 16-bit, full-bandwidth digital reverberator that was microprocessor-controlled. Now AMS-NEVE has released the RMX16 500 Digital Reverb Module that fits into and is powered by any 500 series rack. I can confirm that it sounds exactly the same as the original and comes with the original’s nine programs plus nine more rare factory programs that were only available to RMX 16 users via an optional remote control unit.

The nine original programs are: Ambience, Room A1, Hall C1, Plate A1, Hall B3, Chorus, Echo, Nonlin2, and Reverse1. The additional nine, mostly unheard programs, are: Reverse 2, Freeze, Room A0, Room B1, Hall A1, Plate B1, Delay, Image P1, and Nonlin1.

Just about every record in the ‘80s had the original unit’s unmistakable reverb or special effect incorporated into the mix. Like the original, the AMS RMX16 500 has the same algorithms designed by ear, and then tuned and re-tuned to maximize the programs for the most natural sounding reverberation possible.

The RMX16 500 has a new Save/Recall feature with 100 user-defined memory locations and a brand new Wet/Dry Mix blend feature. The RMX16 500’s new OLED display has pages for program select, I/O Mix control, Setup, Save/Recall, and reverb parameters including: pre-delay, decay time, high frequency and low frequency decay profiles.

The new RMX16 500 comes in a 3-slot wide format and retails at $1,295 MSRP.