API 50th Anniversary 862 and 2500 Bus Compressor Editions

To celebrate their recent 50th Anniversary, API is pleased to announce the debut of two new limited edition units, the 862 50th Anniversary Edition Channel Strip and the 2500 50th Anniversary Edition Stereo Bus Compressor.

The 862 Channel Strip features a combination of the API 550A Program EQ and their 312 Mic Preamp in a 1U cabinet. These used the original 500 Series PCBs designed by API’s legendary founder Saul Walker. Each 862 Anniversary Edition is individually serialized, denoting its status as part of a limited run of only 50, hand-wired units.

The new 50th Anniversary Edition 2500 Bus Compressor is in a 2U cabinet and features flexible output mix blending, LED gain reduction meters, premium VU meters, and a gold-faced chassis. As with the 862, a limited run of 50 units will be produced. Like API’s 1U standard 2500, the 2500-AE delivers warmth, clarity and punch, whether used for subtle adjustments or heavy compression effects.

The 2500 50th Anniversary Edition is $4,500 MSRP while the 862 sells for $3,600 MSRP.