Auralex Acoustics Roominator Starter Kit

Pictured is a Sketchup® image showing an Auralex Acoustics™ Roominator™ Starter Kit deployed in a small home studio. This is an economical way to reduce unwanted slap and flutter echo in small home studios, A/V editing suites, podcasting rooms, vocal booths and home (theater) listening rooms. The Roominator Starter Kit will immediately improve the acoustics of any small to medium size room.

Positioning the included LENRD® Bass Traps in the 90-degree corners of the room will control low-frequency room modes—uneven bass frequencies at the listening position (the chair in the picture). Shown on the side walls, the first reflection points on either side of the listening position are fitted with Studiofoam Wedges; panels that reduce mid-high frequency reflections, flutter echoes, and excessive reverberation.

The Roominator Starter Kit sells for $413.89 MSRP (with free shipping) and includes eight 24 X 24-inch Studiofoam Wedges, four LENRD Bass Traps, and 48 EZ-Stick Pro™ tabs for instantly mounting these panels to your walls. You may also use the RLX (Room Layout Express) App for suggestions about additional Auralex products to improve the sound of any room. The RLX App is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

You can submit a free Personalized Room Analysis form online at Auralex.com/praf/ and Auralex will diagram the room and show where all products should go. For more in-depth analysis, there is the Auralex Room Analysis Plus service. You receive a USB stick of frequency sweeps that you would play in your room and send in a recording of them made in the room. Auralex will deliver more detailed suggestions based on the findings.