Burl B22 Orca Control Room Monitor Daughter Card

The Burl B22 Orca is a module that plugs into either the B16 or the Burl B80 Motherships. The B16 and B80 are 16 and 80 channel (respectively) configurable AD/DA interfaces. The B22 ORCA utilizes the same analog, all-discrete circuit path philosophy as other BURL Audio products for sonic transparency and 3D-like stereo imaging. BURL NextGen BOPA14 op-amps are used to maintain a tight bass and high-definition response throughout the system.

The B22 ORCA employs four DAC (digital-to-analog converters) channels. The first two are mix/mastering grade DACs with switchable BX5 output transformers useful to feed a separate headphone amp and/or a mix/mastering chain. The second pair of DAC channels feed the main monitor section that features two stereo speaker outputs and one stereo headphone output.

With the B22 ORCA Control Room Monitor Daughter Card installed in the B16 Mothership along with a B4 MIC/LINE input card, you’ll have a complete audiophile desktop recording/mastering rig. Combine the B22 with a B16 and their BAD4M 4-channel analog-to-digital converter daughter card, and you’ll have a 4-input/4-output mastering rig. Other notable features are a directly coupled, discrete Class-A analog signal path, an external meter output, and an Alps audiophile attenuator with optional 0.1% matched resistor stepped-attenuator.

Burl B22 ORCA Control Room Monitor Daughter Card sells for $2,499 MSRP.