D'Addario Modular Snake System Stage Box

I’m attracted to D’Addario’s new Stage Box for many reasons. It accommodates up to eight channels of microphone or instrument lines and it is super well built. It uses a standard DB-25 eight-channel cable as long as required, and the Stage Box lies flat on the floor.

My immediate need was for an eight-channel snake to record a drum kit at my small studio. I connected the Modular Snake System Box using a D’Addario (PW- DB25MM-50) male-to-male 50-foot DB-25 cable directly to an API 8-slot High Current Lunchbox® with eight microphone pre-amps installed. The 50-foot length was fine to get to the adjoining room with plenty of slack to tuck it out of the way of foot traffic.

It is thoughtful that the D’Addario Modular Snake System Stage Box configures the first four XLR inputs conventionally while inputs five through eight are XLR Combo jacks ready for either XLRs or 1/4-inch line level instruments such as synthesizers. To record a small drum kit, I use all eight inputs for studio microphones—some requiring phantom powering. I had no problem with noise or crosstalk—when one channel’s audio signal “leaks” into another channel.

I like that the Stage Box is small and lies flat with the connectors fanning out horizontally. The connectors don’t stick straight up so people don’t trip over them! Around a drum kit this makes for a cleaner setup—even the connected DB-25 cable plugs into the side so it is fairly well protected too. Plus, if you need more lines than eight, just get another Snake Box and cable for eight more mic or instrument inputs.

The D’Addario Modular Snake System Stage Box PW-XLRSB-01 sells for $85 MSRP and is an instant problem solver for both studio and live sound work!