Chris Lord-Alge Mixing Course Now Available

UPADTE: 3/7/16

All six major DAW sessions have been uploaded, and an in-depth 50-minute long video walkthrough highlighting Lord Alge’s eye opening mix secrets.

To check out a free preview of one of those mix secrets, on how Lord Alge uses Reverb in a specific way to make his vocals sound deep yet not overly wet, visit youtube.com/watch?v=dMmAXNHy3-g.

The Chris Lord Alge Mix Course 1 is available at the introductory sale price of only $97, which includes a FREE month of all the plugins used in the course.

For more information, visit audiolegends.com/courses.


The Audio Legends: Chris Lord Alge Mixing Course One is now available. With the new course, audio professionals can download an entire rock session in their own DAW format that is fully mixed by Alge with the Slate Everything Bundle. Then they can watch the course videos as Alge takes course-takers through an entire session, going over each of his techniques.

And as a special introductory offer, Audio Legends are discounting the course for the next 30 days, and interested professionals can get an entire month of plugins for free and get a free iLok2 if they don’t have one.

Aspiring audio professionals who get the course will learn how Alge gets his trademark tone:
• EQ and compression technique
• How he uses and processes effects
• How he uses drum samples
• How he automates to keep his mix dynamic and exciting
• What tools he prefers on certain instruments
• His mix buss processing techniques

For more information, visit audiolegends.com/courses.