ZenoRadio Announces Audio Broadcasting Platform

ZenoRadio, the source of radio broadcasts for U.S. diaspora communities, has announced the launch of ZenoLive for Thursday, Feb. 18. ZenoLive is a free disruptive broadcasting platform that enables anyone to create and distribute audio content in seconds.

From listeners who want to be heard to independent hosts and traditional broadcasters, ZenoLive's platform offers a complete studio on a phone, laptop or broadcast console. Broadcasters go live in seconds with no downloads or equipment needed. ZenoLive affords interactivity where listeners and hosts can raise their hand to be brought into a conversation, take a poll and countless other interactive features. All the interactivity happens with a unique "speak to the host" button and feature on dial-in, app and web listening. ZenoLive aggregates data of all the broadcasters' listeners in real time with enhanced and efficient monetization opportunities through paywalls and smart ad targeting.

"ZenoLive was created so audio broadcasters and producers could share their voice and connect worldwide with ease," said strategic partnership and Multiplatinum selling recording artist Akon. "ZenoLive is the ultimate solution in making audio content accessible to everyone around the world. It's so impressive I now am an equity owner in the company."

ZenoLive delivers interactive features with unlimited user functionality, multi-location hosts plus free phone numbers for users to listen and interact. "We set out to create a truly unique audio experience that will allow users and content creators to have an intimate conversation. No need to lower the radio, get to a phone or anything else that detracts from the interactive experience," said Baruch Herzfeld, President & Founder. "Best of all, hosts can see in real-time how listeners are engaging with them by device, frequency, length of time, location and much more. We look forward to introducing ZenoLive to thousands of broadcasters and millions of listeners of ZenoRadio."

"ZenoLive is an incredible way for listeners to become creators and have their voice heard and discovered. From around the corner or around the world, making anyone a radio or podcast star without the hassles of studios, equipment and cost is something that makes us proud. This is really a game changer. For veteran podcasters, or even for those who've never picked up a microphone looking to go live, we can introduce you to our millions of listeners," said Morris Berger, Chief Executive Officer.

For more information, visit zenolive.com and/or zenoradio.com.