Weeklong Mixing Seminar with Chris Lord-Alge

Mix with the Masters will host a weeklong mixing seminar July 12 – 18 at Studio La Fabrique with Chris Lord-Alge. Lord-Alge will sit down with 15 participants and explain his approach and philosophy to mixing and work with them on their projects.

According to the Mix with the Masters website…

The Mix With The Masters seminars are part of this tradition, offering an exchange of in-depth first-hand studio experience and knowledge not available anywhere else. Each seminar is conducted by a top music mixer or producer, ready to share professional secrets with a select group of carefully screened, professional-level participants from all over the world.

One factor that contributes to the success of the seminars is that all tutors support the general MWTM ethos, which is about the love of music, music technology and wanting to help others. Participants also are in part selected on displaying similar, positive attitudes. The fact that the seminars last a full week is another contributory factor, because it offers tutors the time and space to go into real depth, and the participants the opportunity to spend a prolonged time watching a master at his peak, and to ask any question they can think of.

The tutors share exclusive, insider-information on any subject: detailed technical knowledge, how to run sessions, how to handle artists, how to manage a career, right attitude, how to remain successful and more. The tutors also assess the work of the participants by listening to their mixes and mixing recording sessions that they bring, providing extensive feedback to each participant on where they are at and how they can get to where they want to be.

Another primary factor in making the MWTM seminars successful is that they take place at La Fabrique, a large, comfortable, high-end recording studio set in the southeast for France. The secluded and idyllic location offers the participants and tutors a lot of space to relax and recharge, far away from the hustle of daily life and the all-demanding intensity of their regular professional environments.

Because the courses are residential, the participants and tutor work, eat, socialize and sleep in the same environment. While tutors and participants will at times opt to retire to their private quarters, there is ample opportunity for social interaction outside of the studio environment. Participants interact extensively with each other and the tutor, making it easier to assimilate the intangible qualities necessary to be successful at the highest level—presence, focus, social skills, intelligence, creativity, right attitude, and more.

Text by Paul Tingen

For more information, visit weeklong.mixwiththemasters.com.