Yungblud at the Beacham in Orlando, FL

Have you ever seen the line to get into a Yungblud concert?  It's quite impressive if you ask me.  On Friday, Sept. 27, hundreds of fans filed one by one in front of the concert venue in Orlando, FL.  I heard that some fans were lined up as early as 6 AM! Eagerly waiting to see their favorite artist, they were donned in hair of every color, Yungblud merch and a touch of fishnet to complete the look.  You could tell by the excitement that for some, this was their first time seeing the English singer-songwriter.

The doors finally opened as everyone rushed in to grab the best spot as close to the stage as they could possibly get. Since the venue capacity is 1,250, the sold-out show was absolutely packed from wall to wall!  The venue went completely dark as fans started screaming.  This was the moment they had been waiting for all day and it was finally here.  "Yungblud" was lit across the backdrop of the stage in bright, white letters.  Starting off with, "21st Century Liability," the crowd jumped up and down while shouting the lyrics.  He definitely does not waste any time amping his fans up to maximum energy capacity.

In the first three songs, Yungblud and crew took it upon themselves to break up a fight that took place in the audience.  He jumped from the stage to point out the culprits demanding they be removed from the venue.  Once he climbed back on stage he stated that we don't fight because we are family.  He also requested water for a fan that was overheated from a long day of waiting in line.  I love this about Yungblud.  He is so protective of his fans and so hands-on with their experience at his show.

The concert resumed as Yungblud played hit after hit including, "King Charles", "Loner" and  "California".  The venue went dark again as fans started screaming.  When the lights came on Yungblud was in the center of the audience to sing, "Kill Somebody" surrounded by an audience singing back to him.  He also performed the title track for his upcoming EP, Hope For the Underrated Youth, which will be released on Oct. 11.  I am personally so excited for this new music.  I have been a fan for just a couple of years now but I am so hooked on this artist.  I was able to catch up with Yungblud for a few portraits just before he hit the stage and let me tell you, he is absolutely one of the most humble and kind artists I've ever worked with.  His bond with his fans is unlike any I have seen in my life with a living artist.  It is so important that an artist be so connected to their fanbase and I really respect the relationship he keeps with them.  During his set, he said, "If you are out there and you ever feel alone, or used, or disrespected and you're looking up at the sky, chances are I'm looking back at the sky with you."

I most definitely recommend you see Yungblud when his tour comes through any city remotely close to you.  You will leave energized, uplifted and part of a new family.