Close Up: RP Studios

Frustration Leads to a Whimsical Idea: When Ron Pak came to Los Angeles in the late ‘80s to attend the Musician’s Institute, he was surprised and frustrated at the lack of quality, cost-efficient rehearsal facilities available for artists and bands seeking to develop their chops and hone their acts. In the mid-2000s, the drummer was rehearsing with his latest band in one of these places when the mother of his bass player casually suggested that Pak open his own facility.

In May 2007, what began as a whimsical idea reached fruition with the opening of his RP Studios in North Hollywood, a comfortable, functional facility that he says, is “a nice clean place, air conditioned and kept up. It’s like a nice garage for musicians who don’t have garages.”

Finding the Perfect Location: A stroke of luck helped Pak zero in on the building at 5716 N. Cahuenga after a lengthy two-year search for a place to lease. His mother sold another rental property she had and decided to buy this building; in turn, Pak is renting from her.

For the 21 soundproof spaces, Pak decided on a mix of 10 x 10 drum rooms and studios that are either 14 x 20 or 18 x 20 feet. With a standard rock kind of vibe, his main criterion was “utilitarian, yet it had to look nice. It’s a place conducive to musicians working on their craft.” Spaces are rented by monthly lockout, which offers clients the keys so they have ac- cess 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Pricing and Amenities: Very competitively priced, RP Studios has several common lobbies and there is covered parking for load in; musicians bring their own PA’s and setup gear. All the rooms are carpeted, and air conditioned and there is free Wi-Fi access. His varied clientele includes national touring acts, independent, up and coming musicians and film/TV composers. RP has developed into a place where regular clients become friends and there’s an ongoing “creative exchange” between former strangers.

Photo by Jody Domingue

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