Dante Mazzetti

New Music Critique: Dante Mazzetti


Plenty of artists are competent singers. Few voices, however, possessed a distinctive level of character that sets them apart. And that describes artist Dante Mazzetti, whose vocals are downright loaded with attitude and character. Or, let's put it this way: the guy's a real character, alright? He delivers a unique brand of country-folk blues-rock that's fed through a modern-day Brooklyn boho filter. "Hey Now, " "Secret" and "I'll Be around" all possess the artist's loose and ragged brand of blues-rock, flavored with mandolin, horns, piano and more, all of it spiced with an occasionally dirty-ass guitar tone. And despite the retro origins of the genre, there's not one lyric here that's cliché. This artist is a diamond in the rough.

Contact: [email protected]

Web: dantemazzetti.com

Seeking: Film/TV

Style: Americana/Folk