Hey Bulldog

New Music Critique: Hey Bulldog


Though they still need to develop a cohesive vision, Manchester, UK trio Hey Bulldog offer up some interesting tunes. “California” is a brisk workout powered by scorching guitar and a standard rock beat. It is produced in a lo-fi style that projects a deep-echo squall of sound. (We suggest rethinking the mid-song psychedelic guitar break—it doesn’t fit.) The hooky “No Future (Part 2)” is a dead ringer for a Joy Division song, except here the band turns it into a mostly “wall of drone” instrumental song with a keening guitar all over it. We’re mixed on “Al Lupo”—some of us feel this noisy, frenetic mosh-pitter is the band’s best. All in all, Hey Bulldog is probably a cool live band.

Contact: [email protected]

Web: hey-bulldog.com

Seeking: Booking, Management, Label

Style: Garage Rock