iZotope Celebrates Make Music Day Through its Accessible New Music Essentials Bundle

iZotope Inc, a company that specializes in audio technology, has launched the iZotope Music Essentials Bundle in celebration of worldwide Make Music Day, which is June 21.

iZotope aims to empower more musicians and inspire them to create more music with seven powerful plug-ins, all at an accessible price. The plugins included in the bundle are Neutron Elements, RX Elements, Nectar Elements, Ozone Elements, Trash 2, DDLY and Mobius.  These seven plug-ins deliver powerful audio technologies in one package that contains everything needed to bring audio projects to life. The Music Essentials Bundle will be available through July 8.

“We’re glad to celebrate Make Music Day by giving more people access to these intelligent and powerful tools that help people make music in new ways,” says John Bigay, chief marketing officer at iZotope. “We’re all about empowering musicians to be creative, and this bundle is a new, low-cost way for music producers to use our technology, plus it supports some important causes at the same time.”

As part of the celebration of Make Music Day, a portion of iZotope’s proceeds from the Music Essentials Bundle will go to the following progressive and impactful charities that enable and inspire music makers around the world.

  • Women’s Audio Mission - Based in San Francisco, the organization provides hands-on training, work experience, career counseling and job placement to over 2,000 women and girls every year in creative technology for music, radio, film, television and the Internet.


  • Last Night a DJ Saved my Life - UK registered charity number 1142478, creates fundraising campaigns and initiatives which connect the global dance music community with charitable action in support of children in crisis around the world.
  • Musicians Without Borders - Based in the Netherlands, the organization will receive a portion of the proceeds to support their programs in Central Eastern Africa, Central America and Europe, which enable musicians to be advocates, activists, teachers, and performers, to connect communities and heal the wounds of war.

More information can be found at izotope.cpm