Alexisonfire Rock It At the Wiltern in Los Angeles, CA

Canadian Post-Hardcore band Alexisonfire played two nights at the Wiltern in Los Angeles, CA (June 12-13).

In their nearly 20-years, the group has been lead vocalist George Pettit, Dallas Green (Rhythm Guitar), Wad MacNeil (Lead Guitar), and Chris Steele (Bass). Drummer Jordan Hastings joined in 2005 replacing their original drummer Jesse Ingelvics. The group disbanded after 11 years and reformed in 2015.

Although it’s been a decade since the group has released a new album, they still remain popular with their fans and have released two new singles this past year. I’ve been to many shows at the Wiltern and this is the first show I’ve seen a real mosh pit at there in years. Alexisonfire’s legacy will forever remain as being one of the groups responsible for bringing the Post-Hardcore genre to a mainstream audience.

As soon as the band went on, mayhem pursued with crowd surfers and moshers. Alexisonfire’s set included “Boiled Frogs,” “Accidents” and “Happiness by the Kilowatt.” This short tour includes seven shows among the U.K., NYC, Los Angeles, and their home country Canada.


  1. Accidents
  2. Pulmonary Archery
  3. Drunks, Lovers, Sinners, and Saints
  4. Boiled Frogs
  5. Side Walk When She Walks
  6. Rough Hands
  7. Control
  8. Crisis
  9. Old Crows
  10. Waterwings (and Other Poolside Fashion Faux Pas)
  11. We Are the Sounds
  12. To a Friend
  13. The Northern
  14. Familiar Drugs
  15. .44 Caliber Love Letter
  16. Dog’s Blood
  17. This Could Be Anywhere in the World


  1. Little Girls Pointing Laughing
  2. Young Cardinals
  3. Happiness by the Kilowatt

Photo Credit: Alex Kluft