Local Radio Freedom Act Called "Anti-Musician"

Big Radio Trying to Fool CongressUnder current law, terrestrial radio stations do not have to pay royalties to American recording artists. Shannon O'Shea, however, is among those who want to change this reality. A prominent artist manager for over 25 years, she has written a letter to Congressman and Senators imploring them to vote down the proposed Local Radio Freedom Act, which is now on the table. Says O'Shea, "The U.S. joins North Korea, China and Iran as the only industrial countries who do not pay artists for radio play. As a result, Americans are losing out on an international royalty stream because the U.S. has no reciprocal system.”

O’Shea concludes, “With the issue on the table, I am doing everything I can to spread the word before the window of time closes.”

She urges MC readers to check out musicfirst-coalition.rallycongress.com/17278/tell-congress-to-stand-with-musicians-not-big-radio/?m=5847929

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