Polyphia Album Review

Album Review: Polyphia - "Renaissance" (9/10)

Polyphia Album Review

If you’ve ever muttered, “all instrumental metal sounds the same,” don’t bother wasting your time or Polyphia’s. But, if you enjoy math- and/or prog-metal, allow me to introduce you to this group of melodic misfits. Renaissance showcases what makes Polyphia's album unique: their ability to shred when they want, while carrying extremely catchy melodies throughout—as displayed on the album’s first single, “Euphoria.” “Amour” adds an eclectic breath for listeners while “Storm” seems named after its powerful drum presence. A must listen for metal fans seeking a fresh approach.

Score: 9 out of 10

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Polyphia Album Review
Equal Vision Records
Producer: Nick Sampson, Tim Henson, Scott LePage