Out Take: Modoc


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Nashville rockers Modoc have widened their audience over the last year with multiple song placements on television, and in November 2013 they signed with Los Angeles-based company Hitcher. Most recently, FOX Sports featured Modoc as Artist of the Month, airing songs on a variety of sports programs for the month of December including “Fortune and Fame,” “My Way” and “Runnin’” from the band’s eponymous 2013 release.

Last year, the song “Devil On My Shoulder,” co-written by Modoc vocalist/guitarist Clint Culberson with Grammy-nominated producer Paul Moak, appeared on an episode of ABC’s 666 Park Avenue. The song was in fact written in the hopes of making the cut for the soundtrack of Breaking Dawn, the last installment of the Twilight series.

“We actually wrote ‘Devil On My Shoulder’ to try to get it on Twilight,” Culberson says. “That was ambitious to think we’d get it, but as we were writing it, we kind of had [the movie] in mind.”

When asked about the band’s screening process for offers, Culberson said Modoc does consider branding, but there’s little they will turn down for the sake of reaching more listeners. “For the most part, we’re not going to worry too much about what people think,” says Culberson. “We’re trying to get as many people into our music as we can. Sometimes if someone’s going to put your song on a commercial, but no one’s going to hear it anyway, but they’ll throw me several thousand dollars, why not. I don’t think we’re that prideful. I’ve heard the Black Keys talk about saying no to a lot of things early on; now they’re looking back and saying that was dumb.”

Other tracks from last year’s Modoc, including “My Way” and “Exceptions to the Rules,” were also featured on Esquire Channel’s White Collar Brawlers, and the band will have another song appearing on the new CBS series Reckless.

-Jessica Pace