Don Rich and the Buckaroos - "Guitar Pickin' Man" - music album review

Music Album Review: Don Rich and the Buckaroos - "Guitar Pickin' Man" (10/10)

This is a compilation of Buck Owens’ bandleader’s guitar and lead vocal work from 1963 - 1970. Although the Buckaroos were essentially fronted by Owens, he always gave major props to Don Rich. Interestingly, Rich began as the band’s violinist but soon brought his stellar chops and charisma to tunes like “Chicken Pickin’” and the freewheeling “Wham Bam,” among others. Liner notes from Rich’s sons as well as vintage photos and extensive track information make this a complete package.

Score: 10 out of 10

Don Rich and the Buckaroos
Guitar Pickin’ Man
Omnivore Recordings
Producer: Ken Nelson (original producer) & Patrick Milligan (compilation producer)