Wig Party

New Music Critique: Wig Party


A jam band quintet, Wig Party nails the genre’s sound with an organic, easygoing vibe and nimble musicianship. The band’s lead singer, while not a force at the mic, fits in with his occasionally flat, but nevertheless appealing contributions. Their EP’s opener misfires for us, as we can’t help but notice a puzzling lack of energy at the song’s crucial chorus section. (Not sure what happened there.) The band rebounds on “Rubber Bullet,” conjuring a distinctly retro sound that’ll draw comparisons to classic Grateful Dead. The seven-minute “Pawn” is intriguing in its stylistic complexity, with strong backup vocals and surprising use of Moog synth at the song’s instrumental midpoint.

Contact: [email protected]

Web: wigpartyband.com

Seeking: Booking, Film/TV

Style: Jam Band