Up Close: GigTown

Putting Local Music in the Palm of Your Hand: Launched in January 2015, San Diego-based GigTown is a one-of-a-kind interactive free mobile app that connects local musicians, venues and fans in a multitude of dynamic ways. Conceived as an “Uber for Music,” it has evolved to incorporate band and fan-centric features similar to those popularized by Yelp and Pandora. Users (fans or venues) are able to discover local artists’ original songs via GigTown Radio, see where they’re playing next and even book them for gigs. According to “Grand Poobah” Andy Altman, “We’re creating a true win-win-win between artists, venues and fans, with the firm belief that we can change the music industry for the better by do- ing so.” To sign up, artists simply create a profile and provide a photo, a link to a YouTube video and link to a song file at They can then list their public shows on the app, plus get booked and paid.

web-may2016-up-close-gigtown-INFOThe $5 Per Gig Tip: Altman says, “We really are pro artist and we’re putting our money where our mouth is.” To that end, whenever someone “checks in” at a show on the GigTown app, GigTown tips the artist $5. “We love spending our marketing budget this way,” he says. “Recently, a band had 140 check-ins in one week, and that netted them $700. We’re paying $10,000-plus in tips each month.” Fans who check in also gain access to a participating band’s songs and show calendar and can book them for private gigs.

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Growing Influence and The ASCAP Expo: One of Altman’s favorite elements of GigTown is comparing the music scenes in all the different cities where the app—whose nationwide membership of over 3,000 and growing—is popular. San Diego is dominated by that city’s singer/song- writer scene. Austin’s 400 artists are diverse but include many alternative psychedelic rockers, while Seattle remains clearly influenced by the grunge era. Testament to GigTown’s growing impact is the fact that artists have made over $300,000 through the app in paid gigs, along with recent involvement with the ASCAP Expo, Austin Music Foundation and the KAABOO Music Festival.

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