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Disc Makers Offering Free Home Studio Guide

CD Baby has presented The Home Studio Handbook from Disc Makers, an all-encompassing 40-page blueprint to building your own home studio–whether it’s a professional A-room or a budget-conscious project studio. This series of articles on building and using a home studio were popular articles CD Baby has run and are now combined into one guide. In addition, The Handbook also includes professional recording tips, equipment check-lists, mixing advice and more.

This guide covers:

• The $999 Home Studio
• Optimizing your recording chain
• Finding the right mic for every situation and budget
• Gear Check-list: Monitors, Preamps, Signal Processors and more
• Recording guitars, bass, piano, drums, brass, reeds, vocals…
• Getting a great mix

For more information and to download the guide, visit discmakers.com.