Orange Amplification launches the Limited Edition Dual Dark 100 White

Orange Amplification launches the Limited Edition Dual Dark 100 White. Same as the Dual Dark 100 except this limited edition is finished in pure white tolex and Channel A has been tweaked to give it the flavor and feel of the OR100. Watch the new Dual Dark being played at youtu.be/5f6j6bLdoVU.
When released, the original Dual Dark 100 was completely different to any other Orange amp in terms of both gain and voicing, with its tight bottom end and a percussive nature to its attack. The original Channel A was a completely new design with a voicing that revealed a fat and powerful EQ with strong open mids and a tight response. While Channel B, took the amp into the territory of the high-gain, heavy-metal Thunderverb 200. It was this duality of voicing that made the amp so appealing to a wide range of guitarists.

The new Limited Edition Dual Dark 100 White retains all the gain, keeps the same two channels of 100% valve versatility and adds an innovative twist to Channel A, bringing a dash of the classic OR100 old school British tone.

Channel A can still be dialled up to any tone from clean, classic rock through to bone shaking metal with its powerful 3 band EQ, while Channel B continues to reflect the Thunderverb’s scooped, pronounced mids and mellow highs. Each channel has independent gain and master controls to allow players to move from cleans to death at the stomp of the footswitch. True simplicity!
The amp has selectable output wattage; 100w to 70w, 50w to 30w to switch down the gain from the power amp valves and it can be taken even lower with the footswitchable attenuator. Alternatively use the attenuator for rhythm volume or turn it off for a lead boost. Engineered to be played, the Limited Edition Dual Dark 100 White is frighteningly close to being the perfect amp for the darkest tones.
To find out more about the new Limited Edition Dual Dark 100 White, plus all the other Orange Amplification products, go to orangeamps.com.