disc makers recording live music free guide

Disc Makers Free Guide for Recording Live Music

Disc Makers is offering a free guide, titled Recording Live Music, that is filled with professional tips for artists who want to produce their own live recordings.

They present the following scenario…

“Every so often there are moments you wish you could rewind and experience again. Sometimes you’re on the couch, toying with ideas on your acoustic, other times it’s throwing down a powerful live solo that catches you and the crowd by surprise. These are moments you’ll want to relive and evaluate to improve your skills as a musician and even boost your career.”

With Recording Live Music, artists can learn how to capture that magic. The free guide shares expert advice on how to record music for release, review and promotion.

Some key topics include:
• Snapshot recording
• Stereo panning
• Multi-track recording
• Mic splitting
• Live mixing
• And much more

Recording Live Music has information that is applicable to live performances for artists’ careers.

For more information and to get a free guide, visit discmakers.com.