CD Baby

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CD Baby is based in Portland, Oregon (land of microbrews, overcast skies, and constant creativity). We're a company run by artists, for artists. Almost everyone here is a musician, writer, filmmaker, painter, dancer, tinkerer, or vegetable juggler! If you're in the neighborhood, drop on by, take a tour, and sing us a tune!

CD Baby Facts:

•We started in a garage in 1998

•We've grown to become the world's largest online distributor of independent music, which we think is pretty cool.

•We've paid out over $250 million to our artists.

•We're home to the world's largest giant crazy-ball of packing slips.

Why Shop at CD Baby?

•Find awesome and unique music by independent artists from around the world.

•Discover 850 unique music genres.

•Browse the 300k+ artists who sell their music on

•Support musicians who have bypassed the major label system in order to be independent Shop knowing that CD Baby artists set their own album prices and discounts.

•Know that CD Baby has the most free-range, organic, grass-fed independent music in the world (with almost 400k albums and 3 million tracks in our catalog).

Information on HostBaby:

Your musician website is where you have complete control. It’s a unique place where your fans can listen to and buy your music, subscribe to your blog, watch your videos, browse your photo gallery and share your content on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. HostBaby provides all the tools and designs you need to create an awesome and professional website.