Profitable Musician Summit

Bree Noble Announces Profitable Musician Summit

Bree Noble, awarding-winning musician, speaker, and founder of Women of Substance Radio and The Female Entrepreneur Musician, has announced the Profitable Musician Summit--a free, 10-day online event featuring income-generating interviews and topics for musicians.

Taking place this May, Bree Noble will open a corner of the internet to host a series of interviews with industry experts, focusing on subjects like digital distribution, sponsorships, crowdfunding, booking and more. The Profitable Musician Summit provides advice and education for those looking to generate income with their music career, and it's all from the convenience of the attendee's internet connection. This 10-day summit will feature various speakers throughout the music world, including Ariel Hyatt of Cyber PR, Benji Rogers of PledgeMusic, Rick Barker of Music Industry Blueprint and many more.

"My goal with this summit is to provide practical, step-by-step advice from experts on specific income streams that musicians can incorporate into their overall career strategy, so they can make a sustainable living from music. These money-generating tactics also offer part-time and hobby musicians many avenues to supplement their income or fund their passion projects,” says Noble.

The video interviews will be delivered between May 1 - 10. Register to attend at profitablemusiciansummit.com/home