Album Review: Gringo Star - Floating Out To See

gringo_star_cd_cover_2013Floating Out To See • Gringo Star • My Anxious Mouth, Inc. • Producer: Gringo Star • Score: 6 out of 10

Gringo Star's greatest assets is an apparent mind psychosis, a sort of demented brilliance inspired by madness. Twisting hard rock blues with '60s pop and indie sensibility, the trio's psychotropic ditties feel like the joyous burbling of a mental patient who's been freed by his own mind. Invigorating and disturbing, this collection won't appeal to all listeners. Their fractured prism of hallucinatory wonderment works for and against them, conjuring a flavor that invites attention but proves difficult to latch onto. This, combined with the album's brief 35:29 running time, hurts the packages overall appeal but will still prove a trippingly good time for explorers of the subconscious.

-Andy Kaufmann