Yoko Ono Appoints Epic Rights as Global Licensing Agent for John Lennon

Epic Rights LennonYoko Ono has entered into a contract for global branding, licensing and rights management with Epic Rights as Global Licensing Agent to develop an innovative global branding and licensing initiative encompassing the career of John Lennon. The announcement was made June 27, 2014 by Yoko Ono and Epic Rights CEO Dell Furano.

Epic Rights will develop two new programs for the John Lennon legacy: the John Lennon Classic brand for products featuring the artist's name, likeness and signature; and the Bag One Arts brand based on drawings by John Lennon from rare archival sketches. These whimsical, hilarious drawings encompass the years 1964 through 1980 and evoke a sense of harmony and warmth. John Lennon's artwork celebrates human love and communication, including his truly iconic and instantly recognizable self-portrait. Epic Rights will introduce the new John Lennon programs to potential licensing partners at the June 2014 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas.

As the worldwide merchandise and licensing agent for John Lennon Classic and Bag One Arts, Epic Rights will bring the two separate brands to top tier licensees and retailers around the world. Both John Lennon Classic and Bag One Arts programs will offer potential licensees the opportunity to incorporate Lennon's photos and images, as well as his sketches, across a broad selection of product categories. To ensure the continued integrity of Lennon's legacy and art, all licensed products will have the personal approval of Yoko Ono.

"Regardless of how we have experienced John Lennon -- through his music, his art, his writings -- he was defined by the message of love and peace, becoming an icon for generations worldwide," said Yoko Ono. "I regard the John Lennon Classic and Bag One Arts licensing programs as another way to honor John's legacy, and I am confident that by working closely with Dell and the Epic Rights team, we will achieve this goal."

Furano says, "We are committed to developing a worldwide licensing program that respects Lennon's beliefs and contributions to humanity, and anticipate strong global consumer demand from existing and new fans who want to connect with John Lennon and his legacy."