Ogre Thunderclap Distortion Pedal


Thunderclap Distortion from OGRE


The Thunderclap distortion from OGRE has a wide tone spectrum including boost,  classic British crunch tone, overdrive, to modern high gain distortion. It's unique 2- band tone control offers even further versatility  to dial in your favorite tone in the recording studio and on stage . Impressing with it's high precision 3 dimensional design, the Thunderclap has indestructible aluminum die cast body and also unique and functional design. Its "Horns" helps you memorize your previous settings and also has bright blue lights indicating your on/off position.

  • -Enclosure: Using a highly durable enclosure with original design manufactured by aluminum die casting method.
  • -LED display: Two blue LED windows with high visibility are used as effect-on displays
  • -EQ: Free tone control is possible with two-point tone control of bass and treble.
  • -Knob: Adopting a knob with original design which is convenient for tone and volume control
  • -True bypass: As all effect pedals from OGRE adopts true bypass method
  • -Switch: Adopting not a metal knob of a mechanical switch but a pedal-type switching method
  • -Input / Output: Arranging the input / output jack onto upper direction in order to make the best use of pedal board space
  • -PCB: Dividing the power supply part and the signal pass by two boards in order to reduce the interference noise caused by the power supply
  • -Hand-made: The hand-made effect pedal produced after thorough quality control
  • -Controls: Level / Bass / Treble / gain
  • -Connectors: Input / Output / DC input
  • -Effect on: Press the pedal switch to turn on the effect(the LED indicator lights up).
About OGRE

Kim, Sangkil, the founder of OGRE was one of the major musicians and recording studio engineers in Korea in the booming music industry during the early 90's. Following his passion, he wanted to build the ultimate musical instrument company combining the knowledge of musicians needs based upon precision and emotion. As a recording studio engineer, Sangkil knew how the marriage of these two should be dramatically matched. As the owner of Hankuk Precision, making metal components for worlds’ largest manufacturer, he was able to virtually imagine the first road map of OGRE.

Retail Value : $300 

Ogre Pedals distributed  exclusively in the U.S.A, Canada and South America by MMG distribution. See www.ogreusa.com