Helix Updates

Line 6 Helix 2.80 and Helix Native 1.80 Updates Now Available

It’s time to update your Helix® guitar processor with version 2.81 firmware and to get the Helix Native 1.81 update. Haven’t got Helix Native? Download it now and try playing your Helix or HX Stomp pedal through a Powercab ®. This free firmware update for Helix and HX hardware processors and the Helix Native plug-in introduces 8 new amp models, 8 new effects models, QWERTY Hotkeys, remote support for Powercab Plus, DT25 and DT50 amps, per-string volume for Variax® guitars, and more.

The introduction of Helix Native 1.81 makes this the perfect time to explore the ways in which the plug-in complements Helix hardware processors, including taking your tones from studio to stage and back. You can now save an additional 30% on the Helix Native Plug-in. Enter coupon code NATIVE1.81 at checkout to take advantage of this limited-time offer.

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