MTV World's Announces Rebel Music Season Two

MTV Rebel Music

MTV World has announced the second season of its Rebel Music series, a documentary project about young musicians and artists overcoming oppression and injustice around the world, premiering Thursday, April 30 on MTV’s YouTube channel. Additionally, MTV World will partner with Amnesty International to disperse the Rebel Music message and help viewers take action for positive change through the organization’s Art for Amnesty program.

One country at a time, Rebel Music shares the untold stories of fearless young artists rising up against social and political barriers to forge a better future.

Launched in 2013 and now in its second six-part season, Rebel Music shines a light on young people around the globe who are rarely given a chance to speak for themselves, activating the power of music and art to connect, inspire and ignite action. The series will provide young American audiences a rare, unprecedented look into the lives of their counterparts in countries experiencing crises.

“We live in an increasingly connected global community and young people in America are more interested and engaged in the state of the world than ever before,” said Nusrat Durrani, GM/SVP of MTV World at Viacom Media Networks, and creator and Executive Producer of the Rebel Music series. “We are proud to present a fresh new perspective on important regions of the world through compelling stories of their youth–bridging the gap in knowledge and hopefully creating more understanding and compassion."

Amnesty International’s Art for Amnesty program, which harnesses the power and passion of art, music, film and culture to champion human rights around the world, was a perfect partner for Rebel Music. Together, MTV World and Amnesty are recasting turbulent situations throughout the world by amplifying the unheard and inspiring stories of young artists and activists and authentically portraying their struggles.

Working to further promote the stories of youth driving social change, MTV and Amnesty International will also launch the “Rebel with a Cause” contest to spotlight artists around the world. Set to live on Rebel Music’s Tumblr, the contest will engage the huge online activist community and provide a platform to let their rebel voice shine. For every submission, MTV will donate $1 to Amnesty International. Top submissions will have a chance to be featured on MTV, Rebel Music and Art for Amnesty's social media platforms, and one lucky winner will win a $1,000 gift certificate to B&H to continue documenting their passion, as well as a co-branded MTV/Art For Amnesty Rebel Music poster signed by Executive Producer Shepard Fairey.

“Working with musicians, artists, actors and filmmakers to amplify the voices of those who might otherwise go unheard has long been a vital part of our global human rights efforts and we’re proud to extend this worthwhile legacy with MTV,” said Marvin Bing, National Director of Art for Amnesty at Amnesty International USA. “MTV's Rebel Music and Art for Amnesty have a natural synergy and intersection of goals that made this partnership a great fit. Along with our Human Rights Concerts and Chimes of Freedom, this series is the perfect opportunity to raise awareness and inspire others to seek change.”

As part of Rebel Music’s RebelED, episodes from the second season will be accompanied by lesson plans with a teacher’s guide and background history to bring these topics into the classroom, available for free download at rebelmusic.com/edu. The curriculum will be distributed to Amnesty International's 750 high school and college groups in the USA and shared with other Amnesty sections globally and through Viacommunity, the umbrella for Viacom’s social efforts, through the Get Schooled Foundation, a national non-­profit dedicated to increasing high school graduation and college attendance rates, founded by Viacom in partnership with the Gates Foundation.

To learn more about the Rebel Music series, Art for Amnesty and the Rebel Music contest, visit rebelmusic.com.