Akai Professional Introduces MPC Live II

Akai Professional, a leading manufacturer of music equipment for performers and producers, today announced its newest portable standalone music production center, the MPC Live II, packed with all the enhancements from the recent software update for the entire MPC line, MPC 2.8.

MPC Live II builds on its phenomenally successful predecessor and introduces built-in monitor speakers for a completely standalone music-making experience. While traveling or in the studio, MPC Live II is ready to perform wherever inspiration strikes!

Standalone Music Production

Like the MPC X and MPC One, MPC Live II operates as a fully standalone music production center. MPC Live II is powered by MPC software – a unique hardware / software ecosystem that empowers users with the legendary, feature-rich workflow that has been used on countless hits since the introduction of the MPC series. The 7-inch, multi-gesture touchscreen enables producers to access all the features needed to create a beat or a recording from start to finish. MPC Live II also adds five new hardware buttons to improve the editing workflow. With features including Mute, Time Correct and Mix, users can edit and tweak tracks without skipping a beat.

Newest MPC 2.8 Software

New to Akai Professional’s standalone, multi-core powered MPC Series is MIDI Multi capability. The MPC Software 2.8 update, transforms MPC Live II into the ultimate MIDI sequencing studio centerpiece. Now users can simultaneously connect and route all the MIDI gear in their studio, including class-compliant USB Keyboards, MIDI interfaces and USB to CV modules, supercharging MPC Live II’s I/O capability. Fuse this with deep internal MIDI routing capability across tracks, comprehensive MIDI routing to any MIDI compatible synthesizer, drum machine or sound module, and even multitrack recording capability, and MPC Live II forms the beating heart of any production setup.

Built-In Monitors

MPC Live II’s built-in monitoring system offers a dynamic response spanning the full musical range, meticulously reproducing detailed high-frequency audio information while still delivering accurate low frequencies. From sharp, cutting hi-hats to punchy 808 drums and deep bass lines, MPC Live II eliminates all barriers between beatmakers and their music. MPC Live II’s built-in monitors not only provide a convenient set of reference monitors for studio use, but a great platform for listening, creating and collaborating on-the-go without headphones.

CV/Gate, WiFi, and Bluetooth Connectivity

With MPC Live II, complete standalone production capability fuses with an ultra-portable specification and an arsenal of connectivity options for complete hook-up flexibility with all your studio gear. With eight new CV/Gate outputs (four TRS jacks), producers can now incorporate modular connectivity into their MPC Live setup. Coupled with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, users can also enjoy the seamless side-by-side workflow of MPC and Ableton Live.

Rechargeable Battery

The most complete mobile production experience couldn’t exist without a reliable power source for long-lasting on-the-go sessions. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery gives you all the power you need for up to five hours of on-the-go music creation, so you can work wherever inspiration strikes.

16GB Sound Library

The MPC Live II comes with a robust 16GB sound library of high-quality samples and loops, including a new library from F9 Audio and the new Sonic Boom sound set. For those who need even more access to content, your Splice account curations are just a few taps away, with direct access via the 7-inch multi-gesture touchscreen and Wi-Fi connection.

MPC Live II Hardware Features

  • Standalone MPC (no computer necessary)
  • Natively powered by MPC 2.8 software
  • Built-In stereo studio monitor speakers
  • Internal rechargeable battery – up to five hours of on-the-go use
  • Four TRS CV/Gate jacks (eight outputs total)
  • Brilliant 7-inch multi-touch display
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connectivity
  • 16GB included contentMPC 2.8 Software Enhancements
  • MIDI Multi allowing users to record multiple MIDI or audio tracks simultaneously
  • USB MIDI input and output support to work with any class-compliant MIDI device
  • MIDI layering capability
  • Time Correct enable/disable toggling
  • Q-Link overlay display
  • Edit Pad Map
  • Available for MPC One, MPC Live, MPC Live II and MPC X“We are relentless in our pursuit of the most comprehensive standalone music production experience,” says Dan Gill, Senior Product Manager for Akai Professional. “With every workflow consideration, every feature-set and function, we purposefully set out to create devices that are effortless conduits of the creative process. By incorporating stereo monitors, MPC Live II delivers every standalone tool producers and beatmakers need to capture inspiration wherever it strikes.”

    MPC Live II is available immediately with a US retail price of $1199
    MPC 2.8 is also available immediately as a free download for all MPC Live, MPC Live II, MPC X and MPC One users

    For more information on MPC Live II and MPC 2.8, visit akaipro.com.