GIK Acoustics Debut DecoShapes Acoustic Panels

GIK Acoustics has revealed their newest line of acoustic panels, DecoShapes Decorative Acoustic Panels. The GIK Acoustics DecoShapes Hexagon Acoustic Panel and DecoShapes Circle Acoustic Panel are noise reducing absorbers that can be grouped together to create unique designs and patterns.

GIK Acoustics Hexagon Acoustic Panels are available in the U.S. and U.K. While, GIK Acoustics Circle Acoustic Panels will only be available in the U.K.

DecoShapes Acoustic Panels are not only decorative but highly effective at reducing noise and absorbing sound in any environment. Much like the GIK Acoustics Spot Panel, the sound absorbing panels are designed to control noise, eliminate slap echo, and decrease comb filtering in a room.

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For more information, visit gikacoustics.com/product/gik-acoustics-hexagon-acoustic-panel