Signing Stories: SASH

Date Signed: July 2022

Label: Apex Sound

Type of Music: Hip-Hop/Pop

Management: N/A

Legal: Marisa Pizarro + David Fritz - Boyarski Fritz LLP

Publicity: BB Gun Press

Native New Yorker SASH grew up surrounded by music. His dad was a massive hip-hop head, so the fledgling Sash’s artistic education began early.

“We’d listen to an old Kanye or a J Dilla-produced record, and that took you to different samples,” SASH told us by phone. “You got into investigating different genres and different sounds. Different kinds of music. I just grew up as a listener. I got into making music in high school, it was always for fun. I never really thought to put out anything until my friend suggested I throw this one song on Soundcloud. It’s all grown from there.”

He’s evolved organically over time into an artist with a sound very much his own. Sweet vocals and melodies over dark, brash music coming together to form something quite delicate. He’s also the very first artist signed to the newly formed Apex Sound—the brainchild of Mike Dean and Apex Martin. 

“Apex reached out to me years ago, when he heard something on Soundcloud, and we started working on stuff ever since,” SASH recalls. “We had recorded a few things together, some beats. Then Mike heard some of the stuff that we had recorded recently and was like, ‘Let’s try to work on something together.’ We started working on music and it naturally progressed until like, ‘let’s put this stuff out, it’s sounding great.’”

The artist says that he didn’t need any more of a hook than the opportunity to work with Mike Dean. “I grew up as a Mike Dean fan,” SASH says. “I grew up listening to all the stuff that Mike was working on. So just the chance to work with him is the hook. Just being able to create music with people like Mike and Apex—there’s nothing past that. It’s essentially an independent label. So, it’s not like it’s a major label where you’re getting promises. Where I am right now, all I need is to be dealing with people creating stuff that I like consistently.”

SASH's first release for the label is “Lemon Sorbet,” a moody, noir gem with some killer synth from Mike Dean and an epic, movie-esque video. “Then we’re doing an EP called Bittersweet—it’s a short project, so it’s technically an EP, but it’s like a batch of music,” SASH says. “We’re going to be releasing a lot over the next year.” 

Bittersweet came out on Dec. 2. Much like the duality in his music, the EP’s theme is one of pleasure and pain, beauty and darkness. That’s kind of what makes him tick. “I want the music to feel like ‘50s and ‘60s jazz musicians,” SASH says in conclusion. “Performance-wise and character-wise, that’s what I want to make it feel like.”