Signing Stories: Chase Matthew

Date Signed: Sept. 22, 2022

Label: Warner Music Nashville

Band Members: Chase Matthew, vocals; Carsen Richards, bass; Ciaran Wilkie, lead guitar; Johnny Gentry, drums

Type of Music: Country

Management: Ignition Management

Booking: United Talent Agency 

Legal: Eric Griffin - Music City Counsel 

Publicity: Lexi Cothren, [email protected]


A&R: Rohan Kohli

When an artist calls their debut album Born for This, they’re asking for trouble. Hubris, they say, is usually reserved for those who have already achieved success. But Chase Matthew was only speaking the truth. The singer-songwriter isn’t a household name just yet, but he’s poised to become one.

“I’m what they call a ‘unicorn,’” he laughs, noting that his parents work in the music industry. “I’m born and raised in Nashville, and went to school here. I’ve walked these streets dreaming about this day.”

At the encouragement of friends and family, Matthew posted a clip of “County Line” last year. The song notched 700,000 views on TikTok on the night he put it up, eventually leading to RIAA gold certification.

Many people living here don’t realize what they have at their fingertips,” Matthew says. “You have the opportunity to be in the right room at the right time, playing the right kind of music. You can’t have a cynical mindset. I promised Ryan (Upchurch) I wouldn’t stop working hard. I’m tired of seeing my family struggle.”

Matthew increased his exposure by collaborating with manager-rapper Big Snap (Ryan Upchurch) and his Holler Boy Records. Big Snap facilitated meetings with Warner Music Nashville, while Matthew drew in more than 1.5 million plays on Spotify.

Thanks to that work ethic, Matthew recently inked a deal with Warner Music Nashville. All the while, he sold out 1,500-capacity venues across the country with his captivating live shows.

Matthew put his nose to the grindstone after dropping out of high school and dealing with the aftermath of his best friend’s death in 2017. The two developed their music chops playing together in church. (Matthew asked that his friend’s name be kept confidential.) “I wanted to make sure that I lived his legacy for him,” Matthew says.

He confesses: “I’m a little rough around the edges. “I might kiss, drink, smoke … but I’ve never stopped believing in God’s plan. As my aunt told me, I’m not lucky—I’m blessed.”