New Gear Review: KRK Systems ROKIT 4

The KRK ROKIT 4 G3 monitors are designed for mobile studios, temporary situations or desktop DAW rigs set in tight spaces. That would include apartments or smaller living spaces such as school dormitories. Two ROKIT 4 monitors provide the power, quality and performance of KRK’s larger monitors albeit translated into a compact, portable size.

The ROKIT 4 G3 offers an accurate, tight bass extension from the 4-inch
woofer made from a glass-Aramid composite material. The woofer combines good transient response with the ability to move plenty of air for a realistic bass sound. The 1-inch soft-dome tweeter reproduces highs smoothly up to 35 kHz without harshness.

KRK’s ROKIT 4 G3 use Class A/B amplifiers with both high and low frequency level controls and the rear panel input connections include balanced XLR, TRS and unbalanced RCA jacks.

Available in black, white and silver, the ROKIT 4 G3 is a portable reference monitor you could pack into your audio equipment travel case and have an instant and accurate monitoring anywhere.

KRK Systems ROKIT 4 monitor speakers sell for $139.50 MAP.