RF Venue to Launch Webinars on Using Wireless Mics

RF Venue, Inc., a global leader in antenna and RF wireless communication products, has announced the launching of its RF Expert Training video series, a free weekly 12-part webinar series led by RF Venue Senior Applications Engineer Don Boomer, examining various wireless issues and concepts and the products and techniques that solve problems and optimize wireless system performance. The lectures are brief and concise, lasting approximately five minutes apiece. Attendees will be able to level up their radio frequency (RF) knowledge on their own time with these quick, practical training sessions.

Sign up for the series at rfvenue.com/expert_series.

By the end of the training series, participants will have gained knowledge on topics including:

  • How to Properly Use Antenna Distribution Systems
  • Understanding Polarization and How it Affects Your System
  • Avoiding and Understanding Intermodulation Distortion (IMD)
  • And much more

“At RF Venue, we believe it is important to share our knowledge and experience with end users,” stated Chris Regan, RF Venue President. “In this series, attendees will be able to expand their understanding of how wireless systems operate on a practical level, giving them an understanding of the concepts and the techniques that will allow them to get the best possible performance from their wireless microphone systems.”

To register for the RF Venue Free Training Webinar Series, click here: https://www.rfvenue.com/expert_series.

For more information, visit rfvenue.com.