Royalty Exchange

Close Up: Royalty Exchange

Unlocking the Power of Intellectual Property: Founded in 2011, Royalty Exchange emerged from a need to create a centralized online plat- form to connect artists, songwriters and other rightsholders with private investors interested in buying royalty income.

In creating a transparent and efficient auction marketplace, the Denver-based organization’s mission is focused on getting royalty owners fair value for their royalty assets, in addition to providing buyers with a simple secure platform to invest in a stable and unique asset class. Now under new ownership, Royalty Exchange has helped artists, producers and songwriters raise over $10 million since the site’s relaunch in March of last year.

Disrupting an Outdated System: Until now, royalty transactions took place in private, available only to industry insiders. This kept prices low and values cloaked in mystery. Only the biggest and richest creators could attract interested buyers and private investors lost out on opportunities for significant returns.

Royalty Exchange disrupts this outdated system by introducing competition, transparency and honesty to the process. It brings together creators and investors to offer some- thing the other needs, with mutual benefits. Every listing provides all the relevant rights and catalog information, financial data, media and any other information needed to make a sound investment decision.

The Mission: Artists turn to Royalty Exchange to raise money and take control of their financial future. Royalty Exchange connects those with
a minimum average royalty stream of $2500/yr with private investors through the marketplace. The company’s commitment to transparency and honesty ensures value for all.

“We have found that the happier our investors are and the more auctions they bid on, the happier our sellers become,” says Antony Bruno, Royalty Exchange’s Director of Communications. “Happy sellers bring in happy investors and vice versa. We’re eager to serve both sides. It’s a good cycle that benefits ev- eryone. For artists, it’s a fair, fast and flexible way to fund a career.”