Genelec Announces GLM 3 Loudspeaker Management Software and 7380 Smart Active Subwoofer

Genelec has announced GLM 3, the latest iteration of its Genelec Loudspeaker Management™ (GLM™) software and the 7380 Smart Active Subwoofer. The GLM 3 incorporates beta Cloud services and Reference Level listening features. For the first time, users of Genelec Smart Active Monitoring™ systems will be able to access GLM Cloud services anywhere and anytime – providing a secure backup and instant access to the very latest software updates. The new Reference Level features have been developed in response to global broadcast standards, which demand that calibrated listening SPLs are adhered to in order to make programs interchangeable across a range of listening conditions.Genelec_GLM3

GLM 3 will provide each registered user with both local and beta Cloud options, with the ability to switch between the two. The Cloud server offers space to store three full system calibrations – each with 10 groups, amounting to 30 acoustic setups – while a Cloud Helpdesk feature enables users to submit GLM files to access online expert support and advice.

The new Reference Level feature allows users to calibrate listening levels in accordance with ATSC A/85 and EBU R128 loudness standards, which combines the in-situ frequency response compensation and system alignment with the listening level calibrated to a loudness reference. GLM 3 now provides this crucial feature, without the need for a high quality external monitor controller or other measurement tools.

Additionally, in recognition of the fact that a predictable frequency response is key to reference monitoring, GLM 3 also comes with new personalization features, making it easy for users to optionally customize their preferred response, without sacrificing predictability.

Other notable improvements include the ability to adjust the sensitivity of each Genelec monitor’s ISS power-saving function, a microphone level checker and an indicator for used audio type, plus several other refinements, dialogue boxes and bug fixes. GLM 3 also provides a simple firmware update to allow all Smart Active Monitors to enable these new features instantly.

“With GLM and technologies such as Smart Active Monitoring, we have helped professionals to work more efficiently and effectively for more than 10 years. Now with the addition of Cloud-based services and loudness-related Reference Level listening to GLM 3, we are once again redefining the industry’s workflow,” commented Genelec Managing Director Siamäk Naghian. “Just as the first iteration of GLM software showed the way forward with Smart Active Monitoring, so GLM 3 now lays the path for the future – and we clearly see a wealth of possibilities that will benefit our customers hugely.”

GLM 3 will be available to all GLM users as a free download from genelec.com.

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