SKAA Takes Jamstack 2 Smart Ampto Next Level Wireless Compatibility

Eleven Engineering, Inc. (, a market leader in semiconductor products for wireless audio for Pro/MI, portable, home theater, multi-room, 12 Volt (car, truck, motorcycle, power sports, marine) and gaming applications, is proud to announce that the new Jamstack 2 guitar-attachable smart amp has joined the explosive SKAA ecosystem with both transmit and receive capabilities.

“Now available, Jamstack 2 is truly the world’s most advanced smart amp and a must have for guitar
players because of its versatility on many different levels,” explained Rex Whitehead, Eleven
Engineering executive vice president, sales and marketing. “Now guitarists (and musicians playing
other instruments) can experience every note in high definition. And, due to its integrated SKAA
transmitter, Jamstack 2 can wirelessly deliver audio to any SKAA-enabled speaker. Unlike Bluetooth
with its many connectivity and latency issues, with SKAA’s built-in wireless technology, Jamstack
2’s attachable smart amp with integrated wireless transmitter lets musicians enjoy an impressive
wireless range of 50 meters that ensures exceptional stability, dependability, and ultra-low latency
like never before.”

However, it doesn’t stop there. Jamstack 2 can also receive audio from any SKAA transmitter
including Jamstack’s optional guitar transmitter. Jamstack 2 lets guitarists rediscover their favorite
tunes and redefine their music appreciation with unparalleled clarity, depth, presence without the
hassle of connected cables.

“From brand new players to seasoned pros, this premium smart amp is the perfect audio companion,”
said Chris Prendergast, Jamstack CEO and founder. “For the first time ever, we've brought together
premium effects, incredible sound, and powerful recording options in one elegant design that
guitarists won't be able to put down. And with the built-in SKAA-enabled wireless transmitter, you
can take your music basically anywhere by connecting it to SKAA-enabled speakers and experience
wireless music the way it is intended to be heard…with best-in-class reliability, uninterrupted audio,
and the highest sound quality to all wirelessly connected speakers without the latency that is inherent
in other wireless solutions. It’s a hyper-portable amp without compromise.”

The Jamstack 2's 30 watt system is exceptionally loud, providing all the volume needed for
practicing and intimate performances. It sets up in seconds and, with an extended battery life, you
can effortlessly browse, craft, tweak, and share effects presets through the free wireless control app.
With accurate, authentic tones, modeled after real circuits, and Jamstack 2’s powerful ARM
processor, you benefit from five times the processing power of the next leading smart amp, coupled
with unparalleled wireless SKAA connectivity.

“With an ultra-compact design, this powerful all-in-one fits perfectly into the SKAA ecosystem,
while fitting in the palm of your hand,” added Whitehead. “As a standalone or coupling it with
additional SKAA-enabled speakers, Jamstack 2 is the perfect audio companion in virtually any
setting be it at home, while traveling, or when out with friends and bandmates.”

SKAA is the wireless HiFi audio standard developed by Eleven Engineering, Inc. SKAA transmitters
work with iOS & Android mobile devices, Mac & Windows computers, televisions, and just about
any product with a line output or a headphone jack. SKAA is also available as a built-in technology
not requiring an external transmitter in purpose-designed partner products, which are featured at SKAA navigates hostile environments saturated in wireless traffic with best-in-class
reliability. With SKAA, the receivers (speakers / headphones) are in charge of selecting which
transmitter to listen to. There’s no pairing. SKAA’s audio quality is always 480 kbps while
Bluetooth’s is always lower and actually varies depending on environment and circumstances. You
can use up to five SKAA transmitters in your home at the same time. That’s up to 20 speakers or

SKAA is also ridiculously easy to use…all compatible products are ready to play right out of the box.
“It’s also highly flexible, being compatible with a fantastic breadth of audio sources,” concluded
Whitehead. “Plus, SKAA receivers can effortlessly switch from source to source. And don’t forget rock-
solid reliability, great range, and CD-quality sound. is the source for all things SKAA.”