New Toys: Deskew Technologies Gig Performer 4

Gig Performer 4.0 is a software plugin host specifically for live performing keyboard players, guitarists, drummers, vocalists, and Front of House engineers who want to control either AU or VST plugins efficiently without using a conventional DAW. So you’ll have modular design with customizable controls, and visual plugin wiring, instant switching and lower CPU usage.

Diving into a DAW running on your laptop while playing in front of an audience is not acceptable so GP adopts a visual approach with large easy-to-read screens that use a patch bay with cables, knobs and buttons to represent pedal boards or keyboard effect chains.

The new Global Rackspace allows for sharing effects and instruments across every Rackspace—a Rackspace is a collection of virtual instruments, effects and parameters controlled via MIDI in real-time. The Global Rackspace is useful for media players, and plugins that run across song and set changes.

Other new features with GP 4 are an expanded virtual wiring view that allows for quickly moving between details of specific connections with an overview of the entire layout. Collections of wired-together plugins can be saved as named favorites for easy reuse when needed. The new Curve Designer tool creates, scales, and customizes curves that can affect note velocities and other MIDI data, and much more.

The MIDI File Player plugin works as a sequencer to hold up to 128 songs and can map individual tracks to different instrument plugins. Song tempo can drive Gig Performer’s global tempo to synchronize time-based effects such as delays; or use tap tempo to control file playback speed.

Touchscreen laptops are now better supported, with an optional large touchpad for entering error-free values quickly, drag-to-change support, and easy tap tempo entry. Gig Performer 4.0 comes bundled with a sampler of synths, guitar amps and effects. For Macs and PCs, it sells for $169 MSRP.