Jammber Unveils North America's First Splits Platform

Music payment and workflow management company, Jammber, has announced the release of North America’s first end-to-end royalty management platform, called Jammber Splits. Comprised of three main components: tracking the people working on a song and their ownership, automatically registering that song and ownership across North American agencies, and collecting royalties via Jammber Money, Splits is the first and only complete rights management service on the market. The mission of Jammber Splits is to make proper credit and faster royalty payments for creators as simple as possible.

The Splits app settles ownership percentages and captures all the necessary metadata needed to collect royalties from the conception of the song. While several other companies have attempted to create apps to capture song ownership, Jammber’s Splits is the first to offer built-in song registration. This means that writers and producers have the ability to register their songs with their PRO (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SOCAN), Sound Exchange, and HFA directly from their phone for just $0.50 per song.

Features include access to split sheets for multiple types of ownership (composition, recording and more), the capability to share the split information with their admin team through a “follower” feature and PDF exports, as well as the ability to upload audio files and chat in-app with fellow collaborators. This is also the first song splits app available in multiple languages—English, Spanish and French.

Creatives who establish ownership of their work will generate more revenue over time. The amount of revenue streams creatives have to track has grown exponentially. The vast majority of creatives have 10 or more streams to follow. Looking to streamline this collection process, Jammber has created an all-inclusive royalty tracker and payout service inside Splits called Jammber Money.

In the summer of 2019, Jammber announced its acquisition of TuneRegistry, and secured investments from organizations like the Rise of the Rest.

For more information about Jammber, visit Jammber.com.