Charlie Chilango

New Music Critique: Charlie Chilango


Composer Charlie Chilango distinguishes himself from other film/TV composers with his bold, "I'm here and you'd better deal with me" energy that sometimes evokes a Super Mario video game style. "Freshest Around" barges into your life with a barrage of funky bass stabs and an array of cymbal/hi-hat accents that prove t be fun and unpredictable. We can imagine the danceable "Razzle Dazzle" (with its squealy synths and alien "voicings") complementing a movie chase scene. "Over and Outside" has a happier vibe, complete with infectious handclaps. Not your typical film/TV composer, this Michigan-based artist will need to target projects that will appreciate his brand of musical mischief.

Contact: [email protected]

Web: soundcloud.com/user-600934655

Seeking: Film/TV

Style: Instrumental/Electronic