Carly Rose

Signing Stories: Carly Rose

Sometimes the best opportunities in life come to those who take their time. Just ask musician Carly Rose. At the age of 13, she became the runner-up on the second season of The X Factor in 2012. Instead of using that momentum to release an album, she took a step back and focused on finishing school.

"I was on a label and started to learn what it means to do writing sessions, recording sessions and learn what that whole world really is," Rose recalls. "But at the end of the day, I am grateful I made the decision I did. I didn’t know what I wanted at that time. I didn’t know how I wanted to express myself, I didn’t know what my sound was. I had a million different people telling me what they thought it should be. I knew if I put out the music that I was making at the time then I would look back in five or six years and just regret it."

Now a student in USC’s music-industry program, the 20-year-old is slowly making her return with the help of the full-service artist management and tour management company, The Revels Group. The alt-pop songstress was introduced to the company through a friend last year and they've been building a relationship ever since.

“I’ve experienced a lot of different managers.”

"They’ve been extremely integral in this process. Getting the first single ready to go and getting me connected with different writers and producers,” she says. "I’ve experienced a lot of different managers and just people in this industry over the years. I think I’ve definitely grown a little skeptical, so when I find people that I really like, respect and do what they say they’re gonna do it’s really important to me. They’ve shown me that and I can’t ask for anything more."

Rose officially marked her debut as a recording artist with the release of the single “Birds & Bees” in June. The musician is gearing up to release more music in the upcoming months.

Date Signed: June 2019

Management: The Revels Group (Jamil Davis, Matt Bauerschmidt, Matt Geffen and Sean Lewow)

Type of Music: Alt-leaning Pop

Booking: N/A

Legal: Jeffrey Koening - Serling, Rooks, Hunter, McKoy, Worob & Averill, LLP

Publicity: N/A

Web: carlyrosemusic.com

A&R: Matt Geffen